New Herman Miller Aeron Chair Remastered (Quick-ship)

The new Aeron is able to accommodate a wide range of working contexts, from the active and forward tilting, to the relaxed and reclined.

£1,084.00 (£903.33 exclusive of VAT)


This price is based on the following specification

  • Assembly option: Fully assembled
  • Size: Size B
  • Height adjustment: High height range
  • Tilt option: Tilt limiter and forward tilt
  • Arms: Fully adjustable (inc depth)
  • Armpads: Non-upholstered armpads
  • Back support: OPTION
  • Frame finish: Graphite – G1
  • Chassis finish: Graphite – G1
  • Base finish: Graphite – G1
  • Castors / glides: 65mm castors (carpet) – BB
  • Armpad finish: Black – BK
  • Pellicle: Graphite – 23103

While its iconic form has remained largely unchanged, the Aeron chair has been remastered from the casters up to meet the needs of today’s work. With the help of original co-designer Don Chadwick, we thoughtfully updated the chair based on the latest research around the science of sitting, and advancements in materials, manufacturing and technology.

New features include an improved mesh for pressure distribution with eight different supportive tensions throughout the chair. Moreover, the new pellicle allows ideal aeration and temperature control by letting both heat and water vapour go through.

A new Posturefit SL provides both lumbar and sacral support and intuitive adjustments. Individual pads in the Posturefit SL support the spine to simulate a standing position – allowing the body to be at its healthiest and strongest.

The tilt mechanism has been updated and it features a smoother reclining with better trajectory – in this way the end user has optimal control of the chair and balance no matter how much the chair is reclined. The tilt allows the body and muscles to move, promoting the important distribution of nutrients to the spine.



8Z Pellicle only – SZS, Adjustable lumbar – AJ, Dual PostureFit SL – ALP, Fixed PostureFit – ZSS

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New Herman Miller Aeron Chair Remastered (Quick-ship)

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