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Herman Miller Kivo

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The Herman Miller Kivo is available across a broad range of sizes, shapes, finishes and specification options.

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A flexible canvas for today’s flexible workplaces

Office space has fundamentally changed and continues to keep changing. Where there was once a clear distinction between work areas, meeting rooms, private offices and boardrooms, the lines are now blurred. Our behaviour has changed too. Today’s working culture is about fostering the sharing of information and championing new ideas – so people need to find new spaces to engage in new activities. Which means reshaping the workplace to dynamically support the way we work today.

It’s human nature to seek out your own space. We instinctively look for areas in which to think, to escape and to collaborate. We also use physical boundaries to influence our activities, signal a change of behaviour, and encourage functionality. But balancing these human needs in the increasingly open workplace is a difficult task – there has to be a fine balance between open space and privacy, which is where Kivo excels.

Herman Miller introduced a system that helps redefine the way people work. People know exactly what they need to do, and they intuitively know the best place to do it; Kivo was designed to help them articulate this – that’s where its simplicity shines through. It’s a system that divides existing areas, provides privacy and outlines entirely new places to work in. Kivo simply transforms the workplace.

QUANTITY DISCOUNT AVAILABLE – Enquire now to find out more.

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Herman Miller Kivo

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